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Whats On Your Grill?

April 19, 2011

Here in Wyoming you can still get great BEEF  at a great price.

Invest in your Protein – By purchasing BEEF in half and whole sides – You are investing in your protein and great tasting BEEF.

Invest In BEEF – Purchase a half or whole BEEF by calling 307.331.0357 and placing an order.

  • We will require a deposit.
  • We will deliver a live animal to the processing facility of your choice.
  • The facility will contact you and talk you through the process of how you would like your BEEF to be cut. (Aged, Thickness of Steaks, Size of Roasts, Different cuts available)
  • After full payment of the amount due you may “claim your steak”.
  • Stop by the processing facility and pick up your BEEF.
  • The processing facility will charge a cut and packaging fee at pickup. This amounts around $450 per whole animal

Price: $2.00 per pound for Hanging Weight.

  • Total price will be determined by the Hanging Weight of your BEEF
  • Most BEEF will have a Hanging Weight between 600 to 750 lbs.
  • Total BEEF that you will receive will be determined by
    • Type of cuts you choose
    • Initial weight of the animal

Example: 1200 lb animal will have a Hanging Weight of 60% = 720 lbs

Of that 720 lbs you will get around 420 lbs of Great Tasting BEEF.

Total Cost: 720 X $2.00 = $1440 + $450 processing fee = $1890

Cost per Pound = $1890/420 lbs = An Estimated $4.50 per pound. (Cheaper then the Store)

This Includes Steaks, Roasts, & Ground Beef and all the trimmings (Dog Treats)

A large chest freezer works the best to keep your investment safe. (20 Cubic Foot Freezer)

1 Whole BEEF will serve a family of 4 – 3 meals a week for a YEAR and a HALF. (Based on 7 oz per person)

Its That Simple

Call Kit West at 307.331.0357

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